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  • 年份:2016地区:韩国类型:剧情,韩国
  • 状态:完结 / 11-25
  • 主演:赵东赫
  • 导演:???
  • 简介:《检察官爱丽丝2》(朝鲜语:??? ??? ??2/搜查官??? ??2;英语:Detective Alice 详细 >


《检察官爱丽丝2》(朝鲜语:??? ??? ??2/搜查官??? ??2;英语:Detective Alice Season 2)为韩国在线影音网站NAVER tvcast自2016年8月22日起播出的网络电视剧,讲述了描写食品医药品安全处(食药处)的检察官,追查连续犯下多起危害食品、医药品的罪犯时所展开的故事1、做事不怕难,自无难人事。  Nothing is difficult to do, and nothing is difficult to do.  2、再困难,氧气总是够吸的吧!  It's difficult. Oxygen is always enough!  3、懒惰包含着永久的失望。  Laziness involves permanent disappointment.  4、细节决定成败。  Details determine success or failure.  5、成功便是站起比倒下多一次。  Success is standing up more than falling down.  6、时危见臣节,世乱识忠良。  When his dangerous section, chaotic world general zhongliang.  7、毅力可以征服任何一座高峰。  Perseverance can conquer any peak.  8、赢了自己才能成功。  Only if you win yourself can you succeed.  9、不要给自己的失败找借口!  Don't make excuses for your failure!  10、人若有志,万事可为。  If a man is ambitious, everything can be done.  11、决心是成功的开始。  Determination is the beginning of success.  12、只要我想赢,你就是个渣。  As long as I want to win, you're the dregs.  13、与天地兮比寿,与日月兮齐光。  With heaven and earth, life is longer than the sun and moon.  14、黑暗总会过去,黎明终会到来。  The darkness will pass, and the dawn will come.  15、我走得很慢,但我从不后退!  I walk slowly, but I never walk backwards!  16、成功这件事,自己才是老板!  Success is the boss!  17、苦想没盼头,苦干有奔头。  No hope, hard work bentou.  18、以诚感人者,人亦诚而应。  Honest and sincere, sincere and sincere.  19、永不言败是追究者的最佳品格。  Is the best for the character .  20、绳锯木断,水滴石穿。  Little strokes fell great oaks., Dripping water wears through a stone.  21、业精于勤,荒于嬉。  Efficiency comes from diligence. shortage in the play.  22、没有伞的孩子必须努力奔跑!  A child without an umbrella must run hard!  23、笑口常开,好彩自然来!  Laugh, I naturally!  24、自信是成功的第一诀窍。  Self confidence is the first secret of success.  25、事情做到完美,就是艺术。  The perfect thing is art.  26、就在这儿,一定要成功!  Right here, you have to succeed!  27、只要功夫深,铁杵磨成针。  Little strokes fell great oaks.  28、一百次心动不如一次行动。  The one hundred heartbeat is better than one action.  29、我们可以失望,但不能盲目。  We can be disappointed, but we can't be blind.  30、命运是可以改变的。  Destiny can be changed.  31、每一种创伤,都是一种成熟。  Every kind of trauma is a kind of maturity.  32、含泪播种的人一定能含笑收获。  He who sows with tears must reap with smiles.  33、恢弘志士之气,不宜妄自菲薄。  Chester qualities of gas, not improperly belittle oneself.  34、少壮不努力,老大徒悲伤。  One does not work hard, old and sad.  35、人生最大的敌人是自己怯懦。  The greatest enemy in life is cowardice.  36、天助自助者,你要你就能。  God helps those who help themselves, you can.  37、岂能尽人如意,但求无愧于心!  How can you do what you wish, but be worthy of your heart!  38、拿的起,放得下。凡事别勉强!  Hold it up, put it down. Don't push everything!  39、肯承认错误则错已改了一半。  Half a mistake is half a mistake.  40、愿君学长松,慎勿作桃李。  Wish you loose for seniors, and be careful not to be.  41、人之所以能,是相信能。  Man is able to believe in energy.  42、一条围巾围住了想你的温度。  A scarf surrounds your temperature.  43、要战胜恐惧,而不是退缩。  Conquer fear, not retreat.  44、成功者绝不放弃。  Winners never give up.  45、怠惰是贫穷的制造厂。  Idleness is a factory of poverty.  46、只要你不认输,就有机会!  As long as you don't give up, you'll get a chance!  47、蚁穴虽小,溃之千里。  Nest is small, the collapse of a thousand miles.  48、做对的事情比把事情做对重要。  It's more important to do the right thing than to do it right.  49、健儿须快马,快马须健儿。  Athletes must have a horse, horse athletes.  50、放弃有限,赢得无限。  Give up the limit, win the infinite.  51、健康的身体是实现目标的基石。  A healthy body is the cornerstone of achieving a goal.  52、行动力强弱决定成功快慢。  The strength of action determines the speed of success.  53、实力塑造性格,性格决定命运。  Strength shapes character, character decides fate.  54、成功是别人失败时还在坚持。  Success is when others fail.  55、当今之世,舍我其谁!  In today's world, but myself!  56、造物之前,必先造人。  Before creation, man must be made first.  57、不怕路长,只怕志短。  Afraid of long road, only afraid of short.  58、直如朱丝绳,清如玉壶冰。  Straight as Zhu Sisheng, as pure as jade ice.  59、成功永远属于马上行动的人。  Success always belongs to those who act immediately.  60、欲穷千里目,更上一层楼。  You can enjoy a grander sight by climbing to a greater height。  61、会当凌绝顶,一览众山小。  When the mountains are high, the mountains are small.  62、吃得苦中苦,方为人上人。  It is bitter to eat, but to be a man.  63、聪明出于勤奋,天才在于积累。  Wisdom comes from diligence, and genius lies in accumulation.  64、游手好闲会使人心智生锈。  Idleness rusts the mind.  65、有山就有路,有河就能渡。  Where there is a mountain, there is a way, and a river can ferry.  66、未遭拒绝的成功决不会长久。  Success has not been rejected never long.  67、壮志与毅力是事业的双翼。  Ambition and perseverance is the cause of the wings.  68、绊脚石乃是进身之阶。  The stumbling block is stepping-stone.  69、擒龙要下海,打虎要上山。  To catch the dragon tiger mountain to the sea.  70、不患人之不己知,患不知人也。  He who knows nothing knows not what he knows.  71、精诚所加,金石为开。  With a sincere.  72、人生最大的失败,就是放弃。  The greatest failure in life is to give up.  73、志不立,天下无可成之事。  There is no world without ambition.  74、懂得低头,才能出头。  Know how to lower your head.  75、完全照成功者的方法来执行。  Perform exactly the way the winner succeeds.  76、做好手中事,珍惜眼前人。  Do good things, cherish the present people.  77、胜利,是属于最坚韧的人。  Victory belongs to the most tenacious man.  78、一个今天胜过两个明天。  One today is better than two tomorrows.  79、选山攀崖!量力而为!  I choose the mountain! Act according to one's capability!  80、没有远见,就会寻短见。  There is no vision, will commit suicide. 展开全部


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