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  • 年份:2008地区:香港类型:剧情
  • 状态:HD / 11-25
  • 主演:任达华,邵美琪,林雪,李国麟
  • 导演:罗永昌
  • 简介:香港警方收到一卷录影带,内容指出三名警队成员涉嫌当街对一名男子使用暴1、你不勇敢,没人替你坚强!  You a 详细 >


香港警方收到一卷录影带,内容指出三名警队成员涉嫌当街对一名男子使用暴1、你不勇敢,没人替你坚强!  You are not brave, no one is strong for you!  2、贫困教会贫困者一切。  Poverty teaches all of the poor.  3、笑口常开,好彩自然来!  Laugh, I naturally!  4、决心是成功的开始。  Determination is the beginning of success.  5、成功者绝不放弃。  Winners never give up.  6、生活有度,人生添寿。  Life is life, life is life.  7、行动力强弱决定成功快慢。  Strength determines the speed of success.  8、前方无绝路,希望在转角。  There is no end, hope in the corner.  9、行动是理想最高贵的表达。  Action is the noblest expression of ideal.  10、怠惰是贫穷的制造厂。  Idleness is a factory of poverty.  11、失败是块磨刀石。  Failure is the grindstone.  12、做好手中事,珍惜眼前人。  Do things in your hands, cherish the present.  13、一人立志,万夫莫敌。  A person to spartacus.  14、加油!努力!打死不放弃!  Come on. Strive! Do not give up!  15、得意时淡然,失意时泰然。  Proud when indifferent, frustrated when the calm.  16、谦虚是不可缺少的品德。  Modesty is indispensable.  17、百败而其志不折。  A hundred defeats and no wish.  18、看日出必须守到拂晓。  See the sunrise must wait till dawn.  19、赢了自己才能成功。  Win yourself to succeed.  20、懒惰包含着永久的失望。  Idleness is a perpetual disappointment.  21、事常与人违,事总在人为。  Things are always against the people, things are always in artificial.  22、发明的秘诀在不断的努力。  The secret of invention is constant effort.  23、道也者,不可须臾离也。  Also, it is indispensable.  24、燕雀安知鸿鹄之志哉。  Brambling yasutomo lofty ambition is.  25、决心即力量,信心即成功。  Determination is power, faith is success.  26、失败是坚忍的最后考验。  Failure is the final test of perseverance.  27、苦想没盼头,苦干有奔头。  No hope, hard work bentou.  28、自信的生命最美丽!  Confident life is the most beautiful!  29、我是最棒的!  I am the best!  30、世上无难事只要肯登攀。  Where there is a will, there is a way。  31、穿着睡衣挣大钱。  Make big money in pajamas.  32、再黑的地方总会见到光明。  Where there is darkness, there is always light.  33、青春不言输,爱拼才会赢。  Youth does not lose, love will win.  34、水激石则鸣,人激志则宏。  Water shock Shi Zeming, people excited is macro.  35、少年心事当拿云。  When you take the cloud.  36、向前跑,迎着冷眼和嘲笑。  Run forward, against the cold and ridicule.  37、只要有斗志,不怕没战场。  As long as there is a fighting spirit, not afraid of no battlefield.  38、学习需要有计划。  Learning needs a plan.  39、不经历风雨,怎能见彩虹。  Do not experience wind and rain, how can see the rainbow.  40、理想是人生的太阳。  Ideal is the sun of life.  41、天地最有情,少年莫浪投。  Heaven and earth the most affectionate, young Mo wave cast.  42、鱼跳龙门往上游。  Jumping fish upstream.  43、征服困难,就是荣耀。  Conquer difficulties, is glory.  44、命运是可以改变的。  Fate can be changed.  45、高傲自大是成功的流沙。  Supercilious and self-conceited is the quicksand of success.  46、才自清明志自高。  Only after the Ching Ming Zhi from.  47、三年拼搏六月梦。  Three years of hard work in June dream.  48、浪费时间等于浪费生命。  Wasting time is wasting life.  49、人生来如风雨,去如微尘。  Life like rain, go as dust.  50、人在世上练,刀在石上磨。  People practice in the world, the knife on the stone grinding.  51、睡得多的人学得少。  Sleep more people learn less.  52、鸟贵有翼,人贵有志。  Birds have wings, people have ambition.  53、相信你行,你就活力无穷。  Believe in you, you will be alive.  54、凡事多长心眼。  How 's everything.  55、壮志与热情是伟业的辅冀。  Ambition and passion is the auxiliary Hebei albert.  56、少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。  An idle youth, a needy age.  57、志,气之帅也。  Chi, Qi Shuai also.  58、幼儿教育实为人生之基础。  Early childhood education is the foundation of life.  59、精诚所至,金石为开。  Faith moves mountains, mountains.  60、鹰爱高飞,鸦栖一枝。  Eagles fly, a crow perched.  61、从来年少,一直轻狂。  Never been young and frivolous.  62、不要让你的梦想沦为空想。  Don't let your dreams come true.  63、雄心志四海,万里望风尘。  Ambition Sihai, animal dust.  64、愿相会于中华腾飞世界时。  Would like to meet in the world when China took off.  65、让昨天的都过去吧。  Let bygones be bygones.  66、丈夫四海志,万里犹比邻。  Great ambition, miles still near.  67、丈夫志不大,何以佐乾坤。  Why not her husband Chi, with the universe.  68、治天下者必先立其志。  Rule the world must stand their ambitions.  69、毅力是永久的享受。  Perseverance is permanent enjoyment.  70、成功,是内心的造就。  Success is the creation of the heart.  71、志高不如德高。  CHIGO as jcdecaux.  72、少壮轻年月,迟暮惜光辉。  The light years old but brilliant.  73、强行者有志。  Strong walker.  74、自古成功在尝试。  Success in ancient times.  75、人生各有志。  Every life has its own.  76、耐心之树,结黄金之果。  The tree of patience, the fruit of gold.  77、奋斗是万物之父。  Struggle is the father of all things.  78、天行健,君子以自强不息。  As Heaven keeps vigor through movement, a gentleman should unremittingly practice self-improvement.?。  79、天下兴亡,匹夫有责。  Everyone is responsible for his country.  80、青春意味着着绿色和希望。  Youth means green and hope.。为此,香港警方投诉科的成员开始对机动部队(英文PTU)的成员进行调查。机动部队的警员李永森(任达华饰)知道录影带中的警员乃是自己与同事,而被使用暴力的则是绰号“大麻成”的不法分子。于是阿森决定,对上隐瞒事件,对下寻找“大麻成”私了。而此时“大麻成”却不知去向。机动部队的警员孖八(李国麟饰)因为财务问题向警队寻求援助被拒,而其在一次行动中又被上司撞倒使用暴力,孖八被逼上人生的绝路。三队警察,在一夜之间紧张起来,他们能否解决各自的问题呢?©豆瓣 展开全部


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