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  • 年份:2021地区:中国大陆类型:动漫
  • 状态:更新至10集 / 10-20
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  • 简介:1、事常与人违,事总在人为。  Things often contrary to people, things 详细 >


1、事常与人违,事总在人为。  Things often contrary to people, things always in the.  2、刑天舞干戚,猛志固常在。  Energy-saving, Meng Chi solid in.  3、恨别人,痛苦的却是自己。  Hate other people, the pain is their own.  4、疾风知劲草,板荡识诚臣。  Wind Supergrass, is general Cheng chen.  5、心有多大,舞台就有多大。  The stage extends as far as the heart goes。  6、只有想不到,没有做不到。  Only think, can not do.  7、把握现在、就是创造未来。  Grasp now, is to create the future.  8、岁寒,然后知松柏之后凋也。  Only in cold winter does one know that the pine and the cypress are the last to shed their leaves。  9、人生最大的失败,就是放弃。  The biggest failure in life is to give up.  10、我们可以失望,但不能盲目。  We can be disappointed, but not blind.  11、懂得的不需要,不懂的没必要!  Understand do not need, do not understand is not necessary!  12、智者顺时而谋,愚者逆时而动。  Wise Shun sometimes seek fool inverse occasion.  13、只做第一个我,不做第二个谁。  Just do the first one, don't do second who.  14、忧劳可以兴国,逸豫可以亡身。  One could, leisurelyhenan can dead body.  15、恢弘志士之气,不宜妄自菲薄。  Chester qualities of gas, not improperly belittle oneself.  16、年轻是本钱,但不努力就不值钱。  Youth is the capital, but it is not worth the effort.  17、仰天大笑出门去,我辈岂是蓬蒿人。  Out laughing, I Basil how people.  18、受思深处宜先退,得意浓时便可休。  Think deep should first retreat, when you can be satisfied.  19、书山有路勤为径,学海无涯苦作舟。  There is no royal road to There is no end for learning. suffering for the boat.  20、亦余心之所善兮,虽九死其犹未悔。  I have the good heart of the Xi, although nine still not regret.  21、宝剑锋从磨砺出,梅花香自苦寒来。  April showers bring May flowers。  22、发光并非太阳的专利,你也可以发光。  Shining is not the sun's patent, you can also shine.  23、一个人如果不被恶习所染,幸福近矣。  If a person is not infected by bad habits, happiness is near.  24、天再高又怎样,踮起脚尖就更接近阳光。  No matter how high the sky is, standing on tiptoe is closer to the sun.  25、灰心生失望,失望生动摇,动摇生失败。  Frustrated and disappointed, disappointed vivid, shaken students failed.  26、念头端正,福星临,念头不正,灾星照。  Correct idea, Fuxing pro, the idea is not correct, as bane.  27、一个人可以年华老去,但不能言而无味。  A person can grow old, but can not talk and tasteless.  28、与其相信依靠别人,不如相信依靠自己。  It is better to trust in yourself than to trust in others.  29、改变自己,是自救,影响别人,是救人。  Change their own, is to save themselves, the impact of others, is to save.  30、脚下的路还很长,活着就要坚决走下去。  At the foot of the road is still very long, live to be determined to go down.  31、只要你肯奋斗,没有什么是绝对不可能的。  As long as you are willing to fight, nothing is absolutely impossible.  32、为了明天的希望,让我们忘了今天的痛苦。  For the hope of tomorrow, let us forget today's pain.  33、当时间的主人,命运的主宰,灵魂的舵手。  When the master of time, destiny, soul helmsman.  34、我把苦难、挫折当作自己生存的最好导师。  I regard my suffering and frustration as the best teacher of my life.  35、不要抱着过去不放,拒绝新的观念和挑战。  Don't hold on to the past and refuse to accept new ideas and challenges.  36、太阳每天都是新的,你是否每天都在努力。  The sun is new every day, whether you are working hard every day.  37、我会用我的行动,来证明我三年后的结果。  I will use my actions to prove my three years later.  38、没有创造的生活不能算生活,只能算活着。  Life without creation is not a life, it can only be lived.  39、见己不是,万善之门。见人不是,诸恶之根。  See is not, the door of the good. See is not the root of all evil.  40、善待他人,体谅他人,热爱生命,努力生活。  Be kind to others, understand others, love life, and work hard.  41、博学之,审问之,慎思之,明辨之,笃行之。  Erudite, questioning, deliberative, discernment, and faithful.  42、乐学实学,挑战高考;勤勉向上,成就自我。  Happy to learn practical, diligent to challenge the university entrance exam, self achievement.  43、在家里看到永远是家,走出去看到的是世界。  At home to see always be home, go out to see the world.  44、不要在乎别人的眼光,这样我们会生不如死。  Don't care about others, so we will die.  45、如果你是一匹千里马,那么请做自己的伯乐。  If you are a horse, so please do your horses.  46、常常责备自己的人,往往能得到他人的谅解。  Often blame their own people, often can get the understanding of others.  47、当天空黑暗到一定程度,星辰就会熠熠闪光。  When the sky is dark to a certain extent, the stars will shine.  48、山高不厌攀,水深不厌潜,学精不厌苦:追求!  Not object to climb high mountains, deep water submersible patience, patience bitter essence: the pursuit of science!  49、待人对事不要太计较,如果太计较就会有悔恨!  Do not treat people too much, if too much care will have regrets!  50、生活中若没有朋友,就像生活中没有阳光一样。  Life without a friend is a life without a sun.  51、一个人最大的破产是绝望,最大的资产是希望。  One of the biggest bankruptcy is despair, the greatest asset is hope.  52、成功从不会放弃任何人,只有你放弃成功罢了。  Success never give up on anyone, only if you give up your success.  53、智者创造机会,强者把握机会,弱者等待机会。  Wise men create opportunities, strong men seize opportunities, and weak men wait for opportunities.  54、不思,故有惑;不求,故无得;不问,故不知。  Do not think, so there is confusion; do not ask, so no; do not ask, so I do not know.  55、月考分数高低何足挂齿,平时名次浮动纯属正常。  Monthly exam scores ranking is usually not worth bothering about, floating normal.  56、万里寻山历百艰而无悔,一朝见井纵九死以何辞。  Wanli Xunshan Li Bai difficult but no regrets, see how well a longitudinal nine speech.  57、拥有梦想只是一种智力,实现梦想才是一种能力。  Having a dream is only a kind of intelligence, it is a kind of ability to realize the dream.  58、踏实一些,不要着急,你想要的,岁月都会给你。  Practical some, do not worry, you want, years will give you.  59、没有激流就称不上勇进,没有山峰则谈不上攀登。  No current will not venture, no peaks are not climb.  60、不管你了不了解这个世界,这个世界都不会让着你。  No matter you don't know the world, the world will not let you.  61、别人看不起你,很不幸;自己看不起自己,更不幸。  Other people look down on you, unfortunately, they look down on their own, more unfortunate.  62、生活没有一劳永逸,要想不被抛弃,必须自己争气。  Life not once and for all, not to be abandoned, we must live up to expectations.  63、人生如白驹过隙死不足恨但夙心往志,不闻于末世矣。  Life is not death but hate the heart to Su Chi, did not hear the end.  64、学一分退让,讨一分便宜。增一分享受,减一分福泽。  Learn a concession, a cheap. Increased enjoyment, minus one.  65、做人要地道,好人有好报;做事要踏实,步履才坚实!  To be authentic, good good; work to be practical, walking to solid!  66、没有一种不通过蔑视、忍受和奋斗就可以征服的命运。  No one can conquer fate without contempt, suffering and struggle.  67、罗斯福总统:当时间的主人,命运的主宰,灵魂的舵手。  President Roosevelt: be the master of time, destiny, soul helmsman.  68、心者,栖神之舍;神者,知识之本;思者,神识之妙用也。  The heart of God, dwelling house; God, the knowledge of this; thinking, consciousness of refinement.  69、当一个人先从自己的内心开始奋斗,他就是个有价值的人。  When a man begins to struggle within himself, he is a man of value.  70、人生最要紧的不是你站在什么地方,而是你朝什么方向走。  The most important thing in life is not where you stand, but in what direction you go.  71、人的一生总会面临很多难以抉择的单选题,得与失是并存的。  The life of people always face many difficult choices RadioButtonList, gain and loss coexist.  72、倘若往事是惊梦一场,那半梦半醒时,才是地地道道的人生。  If the past is a dream, that is half awaken, real life.  73、通向梦想的路上的确有一道高墙,但它只阻挡不够热爱的人。  There is a high wall, but it is not enough to love.  74、自己打败自己是最可悲的失败,自己战胜自己是最可贵的胜利。  To defeat oneself is the most pathetic failure, and the most valuable victory is to defeat yourself.  75、我的灵魂与我之间的距离如此遥远,但是我的存在却如此真实。  My soul is so far away from me, but my existence is so real.  76、记住该记住的,忘记该忘记的;改变能改变的,接受不能接受的。  Remember what should be remembered, and forget what should be forgotten. Alter what is capable, and accept what is.  77、每个人都有退休的一天,但并不是每个人都能拥有退休后的保障。  Everyone has a day to retire, but not everyone can have the protection of retirement.  78、这社会你改变不了就得适应,适应不了就得被淘汰!这叫适者生存!  You can not change the society will have to adapt to the need to be eliminated! This is the survival of the fittest!  79、征服世界,并不伟大,一个人能征服自己,才是世界上最伟大的人。  To conquer the world, is not great, a person can conquer yourself, is the world's greatest man.  80、莫找借口失败,只找理由成功。不为失败找理由,要为成功找方法。  Don't find excuses for failure, only to find a reason to succeed. Not to find a reason for failure, to find a way to success.。  81、梦想这东西和经典一样,永远不会因为时间而褪色,反而更显珍贵。  Like this thing and the classic dream, never fade, but even more precious.  82、把自己的欲望降到最低点,把自己的理性升华到最高点,就是圣人。  To their own desires to the lowest point, the highest point of their own rational to the highest point, is a saint.  83、成功需要成本,时间也是一种成本,对时间的珍惜就是对成本的节约。  Success requires cost, time is also a kind of cost, the value of time is the cost of saving.  84、瞄准天上的星星,或许你永远也射不到,但却比你瞄准树梢射得高远。  Aiming at the stars, you may never miss, but the shot was higher than you aim.  85、在我的生命中,从未遭受过失败,我所遇到的,都是暂时的挫折罢了。  In my life, I have never suffered failure, I have encountered, are temporary setbacks.  86、虽然我没书,没笔记,没上课,没复习,但是我有一颗不想挂科的心。  Although I have no book, no notes, no class, no review, but I have a heart don't want to fail the exam.  87、与其在别人的故事里留着自己的泪,不如在自己的故事里笑得很大声。  It is better to laugh loudly in your own story than to keep your tears in the stories of other people.  88、眼泪不是答案,拼搏才是选择。只有回不了的过去,没有到不了的明天。  Tears are not the answer, hard work is the choice. Only can not return to the past, not to the tomorrow.  89、开拓者独辟蹊径,保守者因循守旧,探索者勇攀高峰,执着者勇往直前。  A pioneer, conservative conservative, Yongpangaofeng explorer, persistent courage.  90、我们穷人要翻身,没有道理讲辛苦;我们穷人要翻身,没有道理讲兴趣。  We have to stand up for the poor, there is no reason to speak hard; we have to stand up for the poor, there is no reason to speak of interest.  91、许多潜意识觉得做不来而没去做的事情,都是我们对自己未知潜能的放弃。  Many of the subconscious mind do not come to do things, are our own unknown to the potential of giving up.  92、做前,可以环视四周;做时,你只能或者最好沿着以脚为起点的射线向前。  Do, can look around; you can only do the best, or along the foot as the starting point of the forward ray.  93、强者向人们揭示的是确认人生的价值,弱者向人们揭示的却是对人生的怀疑。  The strong man reveals to us the value of life, and the weak reveals to us the doubt in life.  94、民族精神不仅仅是大义凛然,视死如归;也不仅仅是金戈铁马,马革裹尸滴中。  The national spirit is not only the death; not only is fearless of death for a just cause, drop in a symbol of war in ancient China, died.  95、宁愿跑起来被拌倒无数次,也不愿规规矩矩走一辈子。就算跌倒也要豪迈的笑。  Would rather run away numerous times, also don't want to rule the moment to take a lifetime. Even if the fall also proud smile.  96、人生难免经受挫折,风雨过后就是彩虹;生活难免遭受苦难,雨过天晴终有阳光。  Life frustration, is the rainbow after the storm; life is suffering, there is sunshine After rain the sky looks blue.  97、我们什么都没有,唯一的本钱就是青春。梦想让我与众不同,奋斗让我改变命运!  We have nothing, the only capital is youth. Dreams make me different, so that I can change the fate of the struggle!  98、没有清醒的头脑,再快的脚步也会走歪;没有谨慎的步伐,再平的道路也会跌倒。  Without a clear mind, and then the pace will go fast; there is no cautious pace, and then the road will fall flat.  99、只有一条路不能选择—那就是放弃的路;只有一条路不能拒绝—那就是成长的路。  There is only one way - that is to give up, and there is only one way to refuse - that is the way to grow.  100、面对机会,你要勇敢,输也罢、赢也罢,都是一种经历,是一笔花钱买不来的财富。  In the face of opportunities, you have to be brave, lose or win worth mentioning, is a kind of experience, is a money can not buy the wealth. 展开全部


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